Brad Johnson

October 2014

THE CORNER TABLE by Brad Johnson


Late, late on a cold night in January early-80’s, the band at The Cellar was anxious to start its 3rd and final set as the crowd, while sparse, was still in the mood for more. I was ready to go home. It was 2:30am on a Thursday and the only people still out besides [...]

THE CORNER TABLE by Brad Johnson2018-07-01T02:55:12-07:00

October 2012

The Corner Table by Brad Johnson


On a recent Friday night, Chef and Restaurateur Marcus Samuelson was in town. After seeing each other during the summer in Harlem at his game changing restaurant The Red Rooster, we agreed to connect next time he made it out to the West Coast. True to his word Marcus called to let me know [...]

The Corner Table by Brad Johnson2017-12-04T04:19:44-08:00
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