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October 2014

THE CORNER TABLE by Brad Johnson


Late, late on a cold night in January early-80’s, the band at The Cellar was anxious to start its 3rd and final set as the crowd, while sparse, was still in the mood for more. I was ready to go home. It was 2:30am on a Thursday and the only people still out besides [...]

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"A man of many pursuits, Brad Johnson has opened foodie hot spots and clubs on both coasts. You might credit the fact that he’s dinner-club royalty, the kin of New York restaurateur Howard Johnson, who owned the star-studded Upper West Side restaurant the Cellar in the 70s." [button link=""]Read More[/button]

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"Looking at its mid-century modern architecture, open kitchen with wood-burning oven and stylish outdoor patio and garden, it may be hard to believe that the two-year-old Post & Beam restaurant used to be the site of a fried chicken spot." [button link=""]Read More[/button]

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"Any long-time Angeleno can tell you, the term "community" is one of this city's more bedeviling concepts. It's a catch-all and a euphemism; a designation that is as vague as it is deliberate.  Restaurateur Brad Johnson has been circulating L.A. long enough to know that real community here -- a tangible one -- is not [...]

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