Next Course

Dear Friends,

As my 62nd year comes to a close and with Post & Beam in its 8th year, this feels like the right time for a reset. As of June 16, 2019, I stepped down as Post & Beam’s owner and operator. Our beloved Chef John Cleveland will be taking over. Chef Govind Armstrong, Executive Chef since day one, will continue to be involved as a mentor to John.  We are so proud of John and what he has accomplished.

I would like to acknowledge and thank our landlord and owners of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, Capri Capital and Quintin Primo for being incredible partners from the very beginning, as well as through this evolution. Capri has gone above and beyond to support us. Quintin and Ken Lombard made it possible for us to own our restaurant and we are happy to now be able to assist John, a south LA resident, as he joins the ranks of African American business owners.

Thank you to the staff at Post & Beam, your dedication to the restaurant helps make the environment one that rivals any in the city. To our loyal friends and patrons, please continue to support Post & Beam as it evolves under John’s leadership.

Los Angeles has been good to me. From Roxbury to Georgia to Post & Beam, I cherish the many handshakes, countless hugs and kisses. It’s been an honor and a privilege to pull out chairs for those of you who passed my way. I moved west from New York City as a young man of thirty in search of sunshine and found myself. While I never lost my love for the Knicks and the New York Times, this town became my home. My son, like me born in New York City, blossomed into a fine young man here.  I met my lovely wife, who has made me a better man, one night at Georgia. My crew of good friends grew since my time on the West Coast. As an only child, they are “uncles” to my son and brothers to me. I love you guys.

Life is not without loss, Mom, Dad, rest in peace.

I will initially take a break, do some traveling with my wife and work on writing projects. Hopefully, there will be another space of warmth to welcome you soon. For those interested, I will keep you posted on our adventure as we begin the next chapter, on Instagram @postandbeamhospitality.

In the meantime, thank you my friends, those I’m closest to and those who have walked through the doors that I’ve greeted so many times over the years.  I’m really grateful you gave me a shot. The memories, too many to mention, will stay with me way after the bartender announces this “last call”. So I raise my glass and wish you well. This city for all its traffic and growing pains, is a place where dreams are realized.  I know mine have been. In the words of Bill Withers “City of the Angels, spread your wings for me, I’ve been other places looking for my dream”.



Be humble.  Be teachable.  The world is bigger than your view of it.  There’s always room for a new idea, a new step… a new beginning. Unknown